Seat of a Plane Which Reduces Ear Pain:

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If you’re having ear pains and flight anxiety, the back of the plane is the best place to book your seat. Avoid centers and near the wing seats as you will feel more pressure.


Mentioned in business insiders and popular mechanics Seats in the back are the safest.


Having travel anxiety and ear pain back seats will work like a charm.  I myself experience less ear discomfort in the back rather than middle and near the wing side seats


Ear pain during a flight is a painful experience for me. As a frequent traveler within my country, my flight lasts for about 2 hours. But for those having longer flight timings ear pain will make your flight experience really like hell.

Me traveling in back seat

5 ways to avoid ear pain during a flight:

I will share my tips which will keep ear pressure as well as flight experience smooth and refreshing.


1) Avoid talking:

I find the more you talk with your friends and passengers in your surrounding seats the more your ear starts to hurt. If you keep quiet while focusing your attention on deep breaths and calming your nerves, the pain will subside on its own.


Sometimes pressure difference will take a while to match with your ear so you have to give it a few minutes to maintain but the less you speak the less ears will hurt.


Instead of talking distract yourself with a magazine or a mobile game that works on flight mode. I find some people will read and others are playing offline games within their android devices just to pass time.


If the pain is bad you can always call the air hostess for assistance but I assure you that stage never comes at least in my travel experience.

2) Don't chew your mouth:

Air hostess gave me some sweets

Forget about the chewing mouth, I read on the internet if you buy yourself gum and keep chewing it will release some of the hearing problems but my pain actually increased. 

So, my recommendation would be to avoid chewing instead keep your mouth close and back teeth intact so your pain will drop.

3) Keep Ear Aid close in your hand carry


My ear Aid box (Recommended by my ENT)

I have made a first aid box for my ear pain by consulting an ENT doctor. This is my ear aid box recommended to me by my doctor.


If your doctor has recommended some of the medicine for your ear pain I will suggest keeping it close in a hand-carry. When the pain is too much you can use it such that you will be able to travel instead of creating an emergency situation.


The best approach is to consult your Doctor or ENT before a flight just to make your anxiety at bay

4) Take a Pain Releaser :


Pain release I use

I take a tablet of Panadol (Paracetamol) 1 hr before my flight to help me ease my anxiety and some of the ear pain I might experience during the flight. But make sure you should consult your doctor first before you take one.  I must say this is the best method that works for me 


It's an effective pain killer for me and helps me to cope with my ear's unpleasant pain as well as calming my travel anxiety. First, ask your physician or doctor if it's alright that you take one.

5) Wait:


Flight food served to me

Wait for a few minutes before your ear pressure is automatically maintained with plan pressure. It takes 1 or 2 minutes when the plane reaches 38000 feet and pressure is maintained with your ear. After that ear pain will become much less. 

The best is to think about the Flight food and keeping your focus there will make waiting easier

Ear pain will go on its own as you reach a certain altitude so waiting is the only thing you can do.

Keep someone close by, you can talk to when experiencing more pain. Consult with your ENT before a flight so you don't go in panic mode when the pain is bad. 

Tourism on budget | Money management for traveling:

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Budgeting means planning and providing money for some special purposes. It is very necessary for any kind of thing. In our day today, it is essential to make budgets.

Why budget in the first place:
At the time of travel, everyone should plan money management. It allows you to focus on making the right decisions. It allows you to choose the price that suits you best. Clarify what amenities you can afford. It will also keep you debt-free.
That is why everyone makes budgets before moving anywhere.

Budgeting means the system through which one can create a plan to spend money appropriately. The name of the plan is known as a budget. It helps a person to think beforehand about the process of spending money. It allows an individual to determine in advance if they have enough money to get things done.

The peak of success:
It helps you make a map using your basic needs and those of others, in addition to money. It is such a crucial fact that it helps a person to do things more perfectly. If someone doesn't have enough money to do it all, the budget will help them do their desired action without loss. Since the origin of the earth, every established person has made budgets to reach the peak of success.

How to manage money efficiently:

Budgeting to travel to a place is much more beneficial. That is why everyone should budget before going on a trip. The budget not only guarantees a successful trip, but it must also be an adequate budget that will help you have a perfect trip.
The main thing that comes first while budgeting is fate. It will, of course, be the main determinant of our money spending planning.
For example, if you travel in Southeast Asia, you may have to spend less than if you want to travel in Europe or Australia / New Zealand.
In addition to this, a proper budget plan will also depend on the style of travel. By following some of the best steps, it is possible to correctly budget for a full month trip.

1. Transportation budget:

First of all, I can mention the biggest expense for the trip. That is exactly the cost of transportation. If you are looking for a place that is abroad, you may need to plan other means of transportation.

Image on pxfuel

Then its cost will be higher. But if you are looking for a place where you can pass cars, buses, the cost will be relatively low. Here I will mention them both.
Air Transport:
For air transportation, you must purchase an air ticket. For this, you should consider the cheapest flights to save money. But this flight must be safe and comfortable for you.
Book intelligent:
You should also be aware of it. On the weekend or on vacation, the cost of the flight is still a bit high. But in the middle of the week, it seems to be a little cheaper. That is why you can choose a day very consciously. After that, you should also consider the other transportation cost to get to your destination.
Transport cost:
It will be better if you have some known people in that area. You can clearly ask about the cost of transportation. You can use the cheapest transportation with a reliable service to save some money. You should be aware that your plan should also be based on going and getting home.
Save extra money:
You can book a ticket online on the fixed date for the buses and other means of transportation you need. You have to have some extra money with you. Because nobody knows when there will be a problem. By following these steps, it will be easier for you to plan the cost of transportation. As you move throughout the month, you need to calculate the total amount of money you need.

2. Managing money for accommodation and meals:

After planning transportation, the second big thing is planning accommodation. They are the basic steps without which your trip will not be a good one. If you are looking for a monthly trip, this is a must-do.

Look on the Internet:
To find out the cost of living, you can browse various websites to find out about the hotel. So, you may have an idea about it. In the most recognized hotels, you can have the opportunity to receive meals as well. So try to find out if they offer meals or not. You can stay in an expensive hotel. But in my point of view, it is not necessary. Because if you save some money, it will be beneficial for you. 
When planning your budget, you should also be vigilant about accommodation. Also, while looking for accommodation, you should be aware of your remaining budget and the amount you have estimated for your trip.
You can hang out at a nearby restaurant and have your favorite food. But for that, you need to plan ahead by browsing the Internet. It will be helpful for you to be safe from bankruptcy.

3. Budget for fun activities:

The third step is to plan fun activities. As on your trip, you will seek to enjoy visiting different parks and museums. You must plan ahead where you will go and what you will do.

Set your own perception:
There are a few other things to think about from your own point of view. Because the demands of different people are different, you can see your own interests more clearly and make a solid budget plan.

it is possible to keep spending under control. You shouldn't need to spend extra money for anything. This is why the budget is so important. Thus, you can make a solid trip and enjoy more.


The budget for a journey, the trip is very essential for anyone. Even the budget is one of the most prevalent things to do any financial job. On my recommendation, an adequate budget will be possible, if you can choose all the necessary things correctly.
It will help you have an awesome journey that will always stay on your mind.

Happiest countries for travel:

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As the world is becoming much more connected, tourism and travel are spurring. People are traveling for a vacation in different seasons. On your vacation, you probably want to meet happy people and feel extra welcomed in your stay. There are many opinions about what makes a country a happy place to enjoy while traveling; this can vary from the population to the GDP of the country.

With a combination of various metrics and opinions, this article compiles a list of happiest countries to travel to.

1) Costa Rica

Beautiful location:
Costa Rica is located in Central America and is one of the most beautiful places on earth. With its abounding natural beauty, tourists get to have particular views and explore Costa Rica’s gorgeous mysteries.

The country has no army so what else proves happiness than having no enemies.
Life expectancy:
 The life expectancy of the Costa Rica population is 79.1 and the people there have a common saying “Pura Vida”. Pura Vida is Spanish for life is pure or good, and in Costa Rica, you will notice that life is pure happiness.
Attractive Quality:
Most attractive nature activities in Costa Rica are sun, sea and sand, flora and wildlife watching, volcanoes, trekking, etc.

2) New Zealand

New Zealand prides itself on being a clean and green country; it’s portrayed with its tourism slogan “100% pure New Zealand”. And this fact is stressed by the country’s typical tourism destinations that are all-natural areas.

Photo by David T on Unsplash

You can look up the beautiful pictures of places such as the Abel Tasman National park or the Tongariro Alpine Crossing to get a grasp of the clean and green New Zealand.

The government of New Zealand takes wellness seriously; it released a well-being budget in 2019. New Zealand has been frequently ranked among the happiest on the planet, and for this, you surely would want to visit the Kiwi land.

3) Colombia

Tourism is the main contributor to the GDP of Colombia, so you can be sure that Colombians are accustomed to foreigners.

Attractive quality:
And it is a popular opinion that Colombian coffee is simply the best. Colombians are happy in part because there are several national holidays, thus many reasons to celebrate. It is a fact that Colombia has the second-highest number of national holidays in the world, so probably you will enjoy one of the festivities on your stay in Colombia.
One of the best attractions in Colombia is the Cartagena which is even on the UNESCO world Heritage list.

4) Finland

Finland has been named multiple times the happiest country on earth, and the Finnish confirm that they live fulfilled lives and enjoy taking care of each other.

Image by Ninara on Flickr under license

Attractive quality:
 Finland is a country with beautiful landscapes and is famous for its lakes with over 200,000 lakes.
Big city:
 The biggest city is Tampere and other main cities are Mikkeli, Lahli and more.
Helsinki is the capital of Finland; the city receives a lot of foreign tourists as it labeled the safest modern and clean meeting place between the east and west.
Popular tourist activities in Finland are skiing, snowboarding, ice yachting, etc. If you visit the northern parts of the country in winter, you should enjoy trips in reindeer sleighs with Sami drivers.
 As variations, for such trips tourists also are transported with snowmobiles and dog sleighs. Finland is also home to UNESCO world heritage, this is the marvelous Petäjävesi Old Church located in Jyväskylä.

5) Panama

Panama is a happy place for spenders, a tourist who stays there spend on average $365 to $385. This makes it the highest per capita tourist spending in Central America. 

Panama is famous for its precious beaches and business and trade tourism is also the country’s focus. Positivity runs deep in the 
Panama population, this fact is stressed by the recently rising standards of living and Panama's growing economy.
For sure Panama has a lot to offer its visitors and was praised by major publications like the New York Times Magazine.

6) Vanuatu

This country is not famous yet but it’s making the buzz on major travel publications such as the guardian for its super amazing natural beauty.

Photo by Sahra Peterson on Unsplash

Vanuatu has no military and keeps a history of peace. This country near Australia is known for its residents’ well-being ranking that is way beyond the ranks of its surrounding countries.

 If you visit Vanuatu, you are subject to more than 80 islands to explore with the most fantastic and uniquely memorable experiences. With the peace and happiness around, you are for sure going to enjoy a relaxing stay.

Attractive quality:
 And if you need to get an out of the routine tourism experience, Vanuatu offers to travel with kayaks on the crystal-clear rivers, giving you an adventurous thrill.
For those daring enough, there are exciting and terrifying Tarzan-style rope swings as an option to diving into the pool.

7) Denmark

Fairytale land:
Denmark is known as the fairytale land due to its many castles and for the fact that it is Europe’s oldest kingdom. Denmark has a great number of foreign tourists in summer due to its beautiful sandy beaches.

Cozy city:
The city of Copenhagen has been spotlighted among the coziest cities in the world.
Attractive quality:
People often visit Copenhagen for its affordable yet incredible beers, spirits, and wines. The Danish are famous for their impressive relaxed lives, and if you are looking for fun, this is the place to go.
You are never going to be bored while visiting Denmark; you will enjoy the iconic amusement park, the beautiful coastline, the capital’s famous statues, museums, etc. the thrill of happiness is always on in Denmark,
it has been ranked at the top spot three times on the world’s happy countries.

For most tourists, the main goal is to relax and enjoy the diversity of the places they visit. From the above-listed countries, you are for sure going to find happiness amongst several things their tourism has to offer.

Hardshell Suitcase Packing:


Packing your luggage may seem like a simple process. However, this may not be the case when you are packing a rigid suitcase. In the latter case, there are some rules you must learn. The rules will help you strategically place your things so they can all fit in one package. Here is a shortcut on how you can pack a rigid suitcase.

Create your packing list

Write a list of all the necessary items you will need for your trip. If possible, visualize how you will spend your vacation and all the things you will need.
These will include shoes, clothing, toiletries, accessories, gadgets, among other things. The packing list will help you not forget essential items. If your rigid suitcase is small, you can prioritize what you need most and just pack them.

Pack Less ... only what is necessary
In general, there are two types of travelers; the travelers that are always packing light and the ones who wish they packed light. If you are not used to traveling that much, you may want to cater to all possible settings. Even unnecessary things will be in your case.
You can't pack extra
If this describes your packaging style, remember that this is a rigid suitcase that will not expand to accommodate your unnecessary items. Always know that when you are on vacation and you notice something is missing, you can buy what you need at your destination. There may not be a one-size-fits-all solution, but because of the limited space in your suitcase, you will have to limit yourself.

Pack with a plan
There are many strategies for packing your rigid suitcase. In all these strategies, there is no perfect method. You should be flexible and choose the plan that suits your preferences.

The first step is to put the luggage into categories. For example, if you have shoes, clothing, waterproof items like jackets, jewelry, medications, and accessories differently.
The importance of doing this separation is that you can pack everything strategically.

Dealing with heavy things and shoes
After knowing everything you will need, start packing the heaviest of all. First, vertically place the suitcase - when standing. Then put the heavy items on the bottom of your suitcase. This method makes the bag not too heavy.

Balance the case:
Distribute all heavy items evenly on both sides of the hard shell suitcase to ensure it does not become unbalanced when standing. When it comes to packing shoes, don't waste space.
Put your socks, shower caps, underwear, and other small items in your boots. In cases where the shoes are dirty, put them in a clean plastic bag. The plastic bag will help protect other items in the suitcase from dirt.

Roll and fold clothes
Some travelers prefer to roll their clothes, while others prefer to fold them. However, the best way to pack your hard suitcase is to mix the two styles. Garments that wrinkle easily tend to have a better shape when folded

On the other hand, for the clothes you choose to roll, they can be placed in the crevices and outside pockets around your bag. After placing the heavy items and shoes on the bottom, let the folded and rolled clothes be the second row.

Use packing cubes:

The packing cubes will help you to know the territories. They will also help you stay as organized as possible. With the packing cubes, you will save a lot of space in the rigid suitcase. If you are sharing the hard suitcase with your partner, friend or brother, please use packing covers of a different color. In this way, you will know where to put each person's equipment. Full article about packing cubes.

Easily accessible Items:
For items that need easy access, put them in the outside pockets. These can be things like sleepwear. Avoid overloading your suitcase. If you feel the zippers tighten, open the box and check out what you can do without them. If you don't do this, the zippers on the bag may break. You wouldn't want such a scenario, would you?

Be sure to leave some space
Whether you are going for your honeymoon or a backpacking trip, you will probably buy some souvenirs. So, when packing your luggage inside your rigid suitcase, please leave some space.

This space will also prevent your bag from bursting along its seams. With space, the suitcase will be light to pull along, thus making your journey lighter and easier. 

Separate liquids from other items

Don't just throw your shampoo, toiletries, toothpaste, nail wash, and any other liquid items in the suitcase. Who knows when the bottles will leak, spill and dirty your clothes unexpectedly?
Instead, you can buy a toilet bag and put all of these items together. If you don't have this small bag, consider having it and make your suitcase environment safe. They are an intelligent investment

Carry Out a Final Check
You don't want to find out that you didn't desperately pack what you need. After you've packed everything, it's time to make sure you've done all of your work correctly.
Go back to the first step and cross-check what you wrote on the list with what you have packed. Upon realizing that the zip of your suitcase cannot close up, reduce some items, especially those that have are in two’s or more.
For example, if your case is full and you have taken two sandals, consider removing one pair of shoes.  Start with a packing list and end with a packing list.

Organizing luggage:

Admitting its hard!

There's no question that packing can be one of the stressful things to do before you travel. However, there is no escape from this crucial detail of your journey. Maybe you are single and you don't have your wife to help you with your luggage. Or maybe you are a mother and do not have the help of any assistance. Or, suppose you are one of those people who prefer to pack your bags because it makes you feel so much better.

But there is always a way..

So instead of trying to escape this crucial step of traveling, you can look for ways to make it easier so you don't waste a lot of time and energy packing. There are many tactics you can manipulate to perfectly organize your luggage for your trip.
The following are some examples that you can follow

1) Make sure you have all your packaging equipment available

This is the first thing to think about when it comes to traveling. You should see if you have the necessary packaging equipment on hand. You should use different types of suitcases depending on the nature of your trip.

For example, if you travel for a few days, you will need a smaller bag than when traveling for a long time. This also allows you to purchase the proper packaging tools beforehand.

2) Develop a checklist

When making your list, put your priority items at the beginning and end with the items you can work with. Assign a specific team for each day of your trip. There is nothing that can be more annoying than realizing that you forgot to bring A very essential piece on your trip.

Keep everything on board:

Having a checklist at your disposal while packing eliminates this inconvenience. Using a the checklist also lets you know where to place each item, as you can even organize your items in your head without touching them.
Simply put, it gives you a clear idea of ​​where each item should go. So before you start packing, make a list of everything you need and mark your items as you pack them.

3) Bring out all the items on your list

Another very the useful strategy you can use is to make sure you have all the items on your list at your fingertips. Therefore, you can avoid cases where you put off-putting things in your purse, as this could make you completely forget about the item.

Be sure to follow your list. Do not skip to the next item before marking the one that is found. You should ensure that you have previously purchased important items that were not available to you.

4) Use bigger packing bags to decrease your luggage

You don't need to carry a large amount of extra luggage if you have a larger bag. This is because you can put all of those small items in one place. Therefore, this makes your luggage more manageable and easier to track.

Reducing number of items:
Having a larger bag reduces the number of items you need to carry separately. Make sure you have the right large bag that is flexible for your travel. It is better to have some remaining space than to leave some items because they do not fit inside.

5) Try by all means to fill each empty space

You can accomplish this by using packing cubes. You can easily fold or roll your clothes inside. Or, if you don't have packing cubes, you can always roll up your clothes while packing them.

Image by 8one6 on Flickr under license

Making your things safe:
This, in turn will allow you to fill each space and make your luggage more organized. Filling each space in your bag also protects your things from damage, as everything will hold tightly in one piece. This means that you won't have to worry about your clothes wrinkling or your fragile items breaking.

6) Always have a toiletry bag packed beforehand

Imagine how annoying it can be to find out you forgot your toothbrush or your special bathing soap. Now, you don’t want a case where you have to abandon the main objective of your travel to go in search of the crucial pieces you left. That’s why it’s always recommended that you have a toiletry bag packed specifically for traveling. This will also give you time to think about what is missing in your toiletry bag and put it. 

7) Put your liquids where you can easily access them

This includes your liquid soap, lotion, or any cream. Be sure to place all liquid items in one place and where you can easily reach them. This is mainly if you are traveling by plane because your liquid items may raise questions as they go through security. Therefore, by putting all liquids where they are easily accessible, it will be easier for security to locate them without disorganizing your things.

8) Utilize packing cubes

Packing cubes are a crucial piece of packaging. They make sure your things are in order, make it easy for you to locate your things, they are very portable and durable, and most of all, keep your clothes compressed in a way that maximizes space.

Packaging of small items:
You can also use them to pack those small important or even electronic items simply because they're not limited to just clothing items. They allow you to put related items in one place, making it easy for you to find your things without wasting time. Therefore, you will need some packing cubes to make your luggage more organized. Read This full article on packing cubes.

In conclusion, while organizing your luggage, think in terms of the nature of your trip. Bring some extra essentials with you just in case. For example, you may want to wear your swimsuit on all your trips. Also, you can always bring an extra shirt or a pair of shoes.