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Why turbulence is no big deal | No reason to fear

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Turbulence is no big deal:

"The fact that turbulence scares you is lack of knowledge. Irregular airflow and air density in sky can cause mild to heavy turbulence, this intensifies in specific geographical areas such as mountains and some areas of oceans. Remind yourself that turbulence is normal and occur due to controlled geological factors, can help calm your fears."

Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach while flying on a plane? Have you noticed that the person next to you clings to the handles while his body is rigid? These are signs and symptoms that show fear of flying. This fear can begin long before your flight. Only the thought that he or she will be placed on a flying machine more than 3000 feet above the ground produces chills in the spine. However, you are not alone; So many people are affected by the anxiety of flying.
A small group of people even show major symptoms that show their aerophobia or flying phobia. The good news is that these are mind conditioning and are replaceable.

The root cause of flight fear:
The fear and anxiety associated with flying are often recognized by avoiding flights. People with extreme flight phobias would rearrange their entire lives trying to avoid getting on the planes. However, experts associate fear of escape with one of these three factors.
1)      Sounds and noises:
A person's fear and anxiety are caused by the sound and strange noises on the plane; like the engine, the filling of fuel and even the sound of people's steps on the floor of the plane. These sounds are alien to people and can cause a "fear of the unknown."
2)      The queasy sensation at the point of taking off:
Everyone feels this feeling; those who are afraid of flying and people who don't mind flying. We generate this sensation through imbalances in our middle ear; the part responsible for maintaining the balance. However, if you cannot control anxiety levels, these sensations continue throughout the flight.
3)      Flight Turbulence Fear:
In the third category, the affected person fears flights due to sudden jerks in the body, which is known as flight turbulence. These are caused by varied density of air pockets at high altitudes; which creates an impact that makes the plane and everyone inside it tremble. Sometimes the turbulence is for a short period. 

To understand how to address your flight anxiety, it is essential to know the root cause of your fears. You can start by asking yourself these questions "why don't I like fights?" Or what is the specific thing that scares me about airplanes? Ask yourself several questions and write your answers on a piece of paper. Doing this allows you to see through your complex emotions and discover the reasons why you fear flights. It brings clarity and logic to your fear and the reasons you listed seem less threatening when they were in your head.

Now I will share some tips to calm yourself down during flights or turbulence experienced during flights These have helped me a lot and will also help you.

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Tips to calm your fear during flight turbulence:

Accept your anxiety
If you fight against any mental cause that causes you anguish, it only gets worse. Accept your anxiety so your brain can process it. If you resist, it will only get worse and your anxiety will increase, which will cause you to panic. Acceptance is the key here.

Train your brain
Keeping calm is a state of mind. Our brain is a complex machine. If you can associate issues related to the flight with a serene feeling (soothing or relaxing feeling); You can be on the winning side.

Do not underestimate the power of your breathing. Only in seven deep breaths, you can overcome a surge of anxiety.

Turbulence during flights no big deal:

The fact that turbulence scares you is the lack of knowledgeIrregular airflow and air density in the sky can cause mild to heavy turbulence, this intensifies in specific geographical areas such as mountains and some areas of oceans.
Injuries that occur during turbulence are related to walking while the seat belt sign is activated and the opening of the cabinets on the heads of the passengers and the cabin crew that offer their services to the passenger. Remind yourself that turbulence is normal and occur due to controlled geological factors, can help calm your fears.

Get to know your plane
Most airlines offer valuable information about their planes. If your reservation has not specified details about your flying machine, you can seek help online. There are many websites that can offer this information by requesting your PNR number.
Making sure your plane is new and well maintained, this information alone can increase your sense of security. Find out about these data before flying and also watch documentaries about the security of a plan, how safe they are. Very few accidents occur in a year, it is the safest form of transport available.

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Choose your seat wisely:
Avoid reserving a seat by the window, an aisle seat can give you a feeling of freedom. You can request a seat in the hallway while taking your fight card or choose it on your online booking website. Mobility helps you relieve anxiety symptoms if they occur.

Control Training Mindset:  If disastrous thoughts arise before your flight, throw them away without thinking about it and give it more mental energy. This helps you maintain a more positive mood. You can get distracted by a mobile game or your favorite book. You can also tune in to relaxing music before and during your flight.

Using a piece of chewing gum or any sweet :
You can use chewing gum or any other sweet you like that makes you happy. This will reduce your feelings and you will feel less anxious. Close your eyes and listen to some relaxing music that distracts you from the wonders of your anxiety. I like to listen to some ASMR videos during my flights and it helps me to calm my anxiety.

These are some of the tips that helped me a lot during the flights and I hope they give you courage and help you calm down during the flights and the turbulence that you face during the flight.

If you still struggle with turbulence:
In today's world, flying is the cheapest and fastest travel mode; for long-distance trips. If you are a person who travels frequently for several reasons, it is better to overcome your fear of flying. Not only can you have a pleasant time, but you can also avoid the adverse effects of anxiety on your overall health and well-being.

Still can't overcome fear :
If you still can't overcome your fear of flying, you can book your flights with sensible companies that address such problems. They give you considerable attention to relieve your anxiety during the flight. One of those companies is here Best airline to book.

Overactive imagination:
It is important to know that most of the flight anxiety is based on the horrifying imagination about air accidents; These are impractical fantasies. Plane crashes and deaths are rare, you can search online statistics and see them for yourself. Logical thinking and knowledge can end your fear of flights, which also includes fear of turbulence and any other related concerns.