f how i can prevent from vomiting during journey in car or bus ? | Travel tips and advice

how i can prevent from vomiting during journey in car or bus ?


There are four pressure points in our body that will help to relieve Nausea:
  1. PC6 or P6 (Nei Guan)
  2. LI4 (He Gu)
  3. LIV3 or LV3 (Tai Chong)
  4. SP4 (Gongsun)
In this article we will discuss how to locate them in our body and trigger them, These trigger pressure points will be beneficial for you if you travel and feel motion sickness, but if you suffer from chronic motion sickness and the condition is bad, I will encourage you to see a doctor or consult healthcare.

You will also learn about motion sickness and how to eliminate it or even make it less uncomfortable using the pressure point technique. No matter if you are traveling in a bus, car, train or plane, dizziness can occur even if you have never felt it before. This article will begin with an introduction about motion sickness and then we will explain the different pressure points that can be triggered to relieve uncomfortable feelings in the stomach. 

What are the pressure points for Nausea and Anxiety?

Pressure points are certain locations in the body that can alter the state of body parts. They are known as pressure points because they require pressure to activate. To activate a pressure point, you must apply a specific amount of pressure on it.
Depending on the point, it will have a different effect on the body. Certain pressure points have the required effect on motion sickness. For those who suffer from this, this is great news. You don't have to be afraid of flying or taking a road trip. You can travel knowing that you can avoid or contain it with pressure points.

Use pressure points to stop the dizziness
Several pressure points affect motion sickness. So, if you have dizziness, you can try any of them or more than one together. This will help you recover your dizziness and relax you. You may not be able to reach some of the pressure points yourself, so they may not be useful in motion.
As a result, we will analyze some of the pressure points that you can easily reach and activate. Then you can use them to eliminate dizziness or feelings of motion sickness. The most common pressure points include:

1. PC6 or P6 (Nei Guan)

This particular pressure point is located on the inner side of the wrist. It is very easy to reach and will not imply that it attracts attention to you. The technique is very effective and works for the side effects of anesthesia as well. Here's how to use this pressure point.
• Turn the palm up, while holding it with the other hand.
• Identify the correct location by placing the first three fingers of your second hand on the bottom of your palm.
• Put your thumb under the three fingers
• Locate the two tendons in your hand by applying gentle pressure.
In the middle of the wrist base is the pressure point P6. Once identified, apply pressure gently.
• Do the same for second duration.

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When you start feeling better and more relaxed the pressure point has successfully triggered and will eliminate motion sickness as well as dizziness.

2. LI4 (He Gu)

This pressure point is in the hand and is connected to the large intestine. It is very effective and can even help solve problems associated with digestion. This is how this pressure point works:

  1. Look at the distance between your thumb and your index finger. Find the highest point on this path.
  2. You will know since it has a connection from the thumb to the other fingers.
  3. This location increases slightly when you attach your thumb and pointer.
  4. From the package, place ½ inches inward, and this point is point LI4. Apply gentle pressure on this place.
  5. Do the whole process with the other hand.

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This will help control your small intestine and prevent any upward projection. This will effectively put an end to motion sickness. While the process is very effective, it should not be used by pregnant women. Pregnant women should try other pressure points.

3. LIV3 or LV3 (Tai Chong)

This particular pressure point has a direct link with the liver. While rubbing your foot may not be convenient when moving, it is very effective. This is how this pressure point works:

  1. Place your foot firmly on the floor. Insert your finger between your big toe and the finger next to it.
  2. Make a sliding motion on your foot from this position, approximately two widths inwards.
  3. The point you are currently in is where the pressure point is. Apply some pressure to this place
  4. Do the same with the other foot.

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4. SP4 (Gongsun)

This particular pressure point is also in the foot but has a direct connection with the spleen. This technique can be used for any stomach related discomfort. This is how this pressure point works.
• Raise your foot and place it on the knee of the other leg. Make sure the foot is inward
• Move your hand to the side of the foot, with the big toe as the starting position.
• The pressure point is at the point

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My side of the story:

These pressure point exercises have helped me. When I suffer from dizziness and motion sickness, by using these techniques it proved beneficial.

 I suffer from motion sickness since I was a child, every time I travel in a cab with my parents to meet my relatives I start to feel dizzy and nauseous. I know it feels bad and makes your travel worse, you cannot eat or feel your surroundings because you are so busy focusing on these uncomfortable feelings. These pressure points will certainly help and keep you calm during your trip.
You can also try to relax because anxiety is also the cause of this dizziness if you calm down, many of these discomforts can be prevented. Try not to think about food during motion sickness and get distracted by focusing on your surroundings. Talk to your loved one, share your condition with them, try to relax and listen to relaxing music and think of beautiful thoughts.
Do not try to think that you have to eat and how you can eat with all these feelings. This is a natural process and many people suffer from this condition. It will leave on its own, so try to keep calm and relax.