Short answer:
Trekking and hiking are not the same here's why:
"Trekking means multi-day hiking tours. It means walking through the rural territory, often rugged. Hiking is one type of outdoor activity It means the activity of going for long walks across the whole country which consists of walking in natural environments"

In this article, we will discuss what makes trekking and hiking different from each other. It is the nature of people to search for different places. People want to see the whole world in their eyes. They love to feel the beauty of nature. Most people want to travel to different places.
But there is something that is not like traveling. Still, it refers to moving from one place to another. These concepts are trekking and hiking. With the passage of time, hiking and trekking are becoming favorable for people. They continue to attract people's minds.

Trekking means multi-day hiking tours. It means walking through rural territory, often rugged. They used to walk to move from one place to another. Some other outdoor sports, such as hiking or rock climbing, can be incorporated into trekking.
It is absolutely different from other types of trips. There are a few different reasons behind that. It is less structured than other types of trips.

Weather and conditions:
 In trekking, weather conditions and topography are more important. Like other sorts of traveling, plane flights or hotel resorts are not included in trekking. It is not limited to a certain place.
 It can be done anywhere in the world. But particularly, some areas on top of the list for trekkers such as the Himalayas in Asia and the Andes in South America.

Hiking is one type of outdoor activity. It means the activity of going for long walks across the whole country. It consists of walking in natural environments.

This outdoor activity can be done in mountainous terrain or other scenic terrain. It is not as difficult as it is known.
Sometimes the hike will be very long distances on trails or roads. It is a short half-day program activity. The longest hiking itineraries are more than 20 days.

Difference between Trekking and hiking:


Trekking is one type of multi-day hiking trip.  It is one sort of longer trip around different parts of the world.

Both of them are connected with a similar idea of moving to different places with special purposes

Trekking lasts for two or more days

On the contrary, trekking is more intensive than hiking

In the time of trekking, the requirement is higher As you will stay for more long days, you need to take more things along with you

Moreover, trekking is much more expensive than hiking. In trekking, you need to expend more money to perform

If you think about trekking, it affects more things in our body. It is physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually challenging.

Trekking as you need to stay for long days, you have to stabilize from physical, mental, emotional to spiritual ability.

In the case of trekking, you have to perform your activity towards a variety of transportation to different terrain

On top of that, trekking is much harder than hiking. Trekking, you must be an expert to hike

Moreover, at the time of trekking, you must be conscious of the water consumption. As you will pass through some simple to difficult terrain, it may not be possible for you to find water on the way

For trekking, there will not be any sign-posts. Sometimes, it will be rare to find any signposts.


Hiking is one type of activity of going for long walks. It is one sort of outdoor activity across the whole country.

Hiking lasts for half-day to full-day. That means trekking is much longer than hiking.
Hiking is much easier. It ranges from easy to strenuous activity. Sometimes, it does not seem hard at all.

While you are hiking, you can bring some necessary materials. You don't need to take all sorts of things. You can bring some basic things with you.

But in hiking, the cost is pretty much lower than trekking

Hiking is only physically strenuous. In hiking, you just need to walk for half-day to a full day.

Hiking is suitable for beginners. if you look at the difficulty and expertise level

But in time of hiking, you can see you pack enough water. As it is for a limited period, you can survive easily. But still, you need to be conscious also

But in hiking, there will be an adequate amount of signposts on the go.

Trekking and hiking are very familiar terms nowadays. People want to visit many places with their groups to see the scenic beauty of nature.
There are other purposes behind trekking and hiking as well. But still, there is a misconception about the meaning of trekking and hiking.
Hopefully, by reading the information mentioned above, it will be clear to people about the differences between trekking and hiking. Even, they will also understand more clearly, what is the meaning and importance of them.