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Easily Stop Procrastinating While Packing

Procrastinating While Packing

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Don't worry It's normal:
Whether you move or fly abroad, luggage procrastination always shows up. When your about to start packing, your favorite television show airs and pushes activity the next morning.

Before you know it, it's time to travel or move, and procrastination completely disorients you. You end up packing non-essential items while setting aside what you need and you can't enjoy the process due to anxiety.

Here, we'll look at how you can easily stop procrastinating while packing, but knowing why you always procrastinate is essential.

Why do we postpone the packaging?
The idea of ​​moving to a new neighborhood or traveling excites most people. But the excitement can be temporarily interrupted by the appearance of the packaging. Some of the reasons why we avoid packaging include:

a) Lack of motivation
Successful completion of any task requires a certain level of motivation. The packaging itself does not offer motivation, but the situation can be worse if you are not excited about where you are moving or traveling. You will probably use that as an excuse to delay packaging.

b) Nature of packaging
Packaging activities include collecting your items, organizing them, and labeling your bags, which are not only time consuming but also stressful

  • Long hours:
It can take hours to sort everything based on your destination and duration. At some point, you may feel a break to catch your breath, after which the resumption of packaging may be delayed until the next day or even the last day.
  • Help required:
Packing can be one of the most difficult things to do when you move out. You need to have the right tools or a helping hand to complete the process. Any deficit can force you to postpone the activity until you find a solution.

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How do you master the procrastination of the packaging?
Throwing your items in bags is the result of a last-minute rush from delaying the packaging. You can end up with some breaks if fragile objects are involved, and you also risk leaving essentials behind.
To help you enjoy your journey or move smoothly, you can take the following friendly approach to conquer procrastination while packing.

1. Make your move or trip in advance
When the travel or move-in date seems too far away, you will continue to delay baggage. The illusion that you still have time can be removed by making an early reservation. Most of the time, this will be the only motivator to start preparing for the day, and packing is the first consideration.
It is an advantage if the company that made your reservation will send you reminders for your move-in day. 

When traveling, airline check-in emails help you save your valuable time, so don't throw them in your spam folder.

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2. Start your packing early on:

Keep work in small parts:
As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day, so is the packaging. The result is excellent when you pack in pieces. For example, when you plan to move, you can start packing a few items a day, perhaps a month before the actual day of the relocation.

Reduce errors:
This will give you enough time to undo anything in case of error without feeling the pressure of a last-minute rush. Starting the process early dramatically reduces the stress associated with packaging, which is the main reason people put off. You are more likely to stay organized and put everything in its proper place when you plan ahead.
Always remember that travel or moving issues may arise on the last day, which would require your attention. Finishing your packaging early allows you to handle such problems appropriately without anxiety.

3. Make a list in case you fear of missing things:

Packaging becomes more stressful when you don't have an order to do things. Preparing a list not only helps you get all the essentials on board but also gives you a plan for getting things done.
For example, you'll have the exact details on what pairs of shoes and outfits to pack when you go on a three-day beach trip.
Getting what you need when you need it:
Imagine putting your credit card and other documents at the bottom of the suitcase, and then you have to unpack everything because you need to use the card during that morning of travel. A checklist helps you eliminate confusion, as you can recheck what you've packed and determine if you're in the right place.

  • Faster work done:
When moving out, you can include the specific time and day, you need to pack particular items in your checklist, and this will help you work faster. By giving you the goal of cleaning one room per week, you can see through your em experience

  • Demotivational
Running out of packaging supplies during the process discourages you to proceed and you may decide to end "later" after you have purchased the item. That's what packaging procrastination is, and you need to master it. Again with the right tools, it is much easier to get help from family or friends.

4. Eliminate possible distractions:
During the exhausting packing process, an interesting Twitter chat notification appears on your screen. This will make you to Start following, and 30 minutes later, you keep reading tweets and retweet this is a process of possible distraction and procrastination.
Other powerful distractors include TV shows, Playstation, movies, and the like. To avoid delaying packaging, it is ideal to turn off your TV, laptop, tablet, and other devices during packaging.
Finishing early gives you even more time to entertain yourself, so it would be worth it.

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5. Encourage yourself for achieving small goals:
When you complete your packaging goals for the day, ice cream can be a great reward for you. Listening to a new album while packing also helps avoid delays.

Summing up:
However, you can easily stop the habit by planning ahead, making early reservations to avoid distractions, and rewarding yourself for every little success.
Mastering packaging procrastination ensures you have enough time to handle any other issues that may come up before you travel or move.