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Best Place to Sit on a Plane to Avoid Ear Pain

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If you’re experiencing ear pains and flight anxiety, the back of the plane is the best place to book your seat. Avoid centers and near the wing seats as you will experience more pressure.


According to business insiders and popularmechanics.com Seats in the back are the safest.


If you have travel anxiety like me and experience ear pain back seats will keep your anxiety and ear pain at bay.  I myself experience less ear discomfort in the back of plan rather than middle and near the wing side seats


Ear pain during a flight is a painful experience for me. As a frequent traveler within my country, my flight lasts for about 2 hours. But for those having longer flight timings ear pain will make your flight experience really like hell.

Me traveling in back seat

I will share my tips which will keep my ear pressure as well as flight experience smooth and refreshing.


1) Avoid talking

2) Don't chew your mouth

3) Keep Ear Aid close in your hand carry

4) Take a pain killer

 5) Wait


1) Avoid talking:

I find the more you talk with your friends and passengers in your surrounding seats the more your ear starts to hurt. If you keep quiet and just focus on deep breaths and calming your nerves pain will release.


Sometimes pressure difference will take a while to match with your ear so you have to give it few minutes to maintain but the less you speak the less ears will hurt.


Instead of talking distract yourself with a magazine or a mobile game that works on flight mode . I find some people will read and others are playing offline games within their android mobile just to pass time.


If ear pain becomes bad you can always call the air hostess for assistance but I assure that stage never comes at least in my travel experience.

2) Don't chew your mouth:

Air hostess gave me some sweets

Forget about chewing mouth, I read on the internet if you buy yourself a gum and keep chewing it will release some of the hearing problems but my pain actually increased. 

So, my recommendation would be to avoid chewing instead keep your mouth close and back teeth intact so your pain will drop.

3) Keep Ear Aid close in your hand carry


My ear Aid box (Recommended by my ENT)

I have made a first aid box for my ear pain by consulting an ENT doctor. This is my ear aid box recommended to me by my doctor.


If your doctor has recommended some of the medicine for your ear pain I will suggest keeping it close in a hand-carry. When the pain is too much you can use it such that you will be able to travel instead of creating an emergency situation.


Best approach is to consult your Doctor or ENT before a flight just to make your anxiety at bay

4) Take a Pain Releaser :


Pain release I use

I take a tablet of Panadol (Paracetamol) 1 hr before my flight to help me ease my anxiety and some of the ear pain I might experience during the flight. But make sure you should consult your doctor first before you take one. 


It's an effective pain killer for me and helps me to cope with my ear's unpleasant pain as well as calming my travel anxiety. First ask your physician or doctor if it's alright that you take one.

5) Wait:


Flight food served to me

Wait for a few minutes before your ear pressure is automatically maintained with plan pressure. It takes 1 or 2 minutes when the plane reaches 38000 feet and pressure is maintained with your ear. After that ear pain will become much less. 

The best is to think about the Flight food and keeping your focus there will make waiting easier

Ear pain will go on its own and lessens as you reach a certain altitude so waiting is the only thing you can do.

Keep someone close by that you can talk to when experiencing more pain. Consult with your ENT before a flight so you don't go in panic mode when the pain is bad. 


Follow these few tips mentioned above to ease your Ear pain during flight. To find the best flight to book your seats visit Book Airline Flight Online.